Importance of occupational health checks and screening

The management of health and safety regulation (MHSR) made its requirement that employers should assess the potential risks that their employees will be exposed to, especially those that can cause serious health conditions.

Health check-ups and surveillance is required in order to prevent, control and manage the risk of employees from been affected negatively by their work environment. One reason why health surveillance is very important is that it can help to spot out potential hazards in an environment as well as to come up with step and measures to eliminate any potential risks.

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Occupational health check-ups and screening help in improving the quality of the health of staffs. Member of the health surveillance team, are always on the lookout for signs that makes a work environment unsafe. Some of these signs are as follows- fumes, solvents, radiation, noise, asbestos, lead, and other materials that could affect the health of staffs negatively. For more information, visit Acumed Singapore blog.


When health surveillance is necessary

There are a series of situation that may warrant health surveillance, below are a few.

  1. When a disease that can affect the health of staffs negatively is detected. Continuous exposure to these substances can lead to health conditions like cancer, dermatitis, and asthma.
  2. Health surveillance is necessary when there is an opening to detect a disease that can affect the health of staffs negatively.
  3. Health surveillance is also necessary when the method and techniques needed to detect a potential health condition poses a risk to staffs.

The goal of a health surveillance team is not only to diagnose staffs for signs of ill health that is linked to the work environment. Most of the time, staffs are trained to look out for symptoms and signs of hazards in the work environment.

At the end of a health checkup, a report will be taken to record the average level of fitness and wellness of the staffs. The data that will be correlated will later be reviewed and action will be taken to improve the work environment.

When it comes to health checks, several approaches can be taken. It could be a drop in session or an individual appointment. The head of an organization has the responsibility of determining the best approach to address the health needs of their staff based on the factors listed below.

  1. Cost.
  2. Size of the organization.
  3. The types of test that are going to be carried out.

An organization and its staff usually benefit from a health check. First, we are going to be looking at some ways staffs benefits from regular health checks and surveillance.

  1. Improved mental health among staffs
  2. Quick access to the health information of staffs.
  3. Drastic reduction of health risks.
  4. Improved performance and productivity among staffs.

Next, we are going to be looking at some ways organizations benefits from regular health checks and surveillance.

  1. Reduction in the level of absence.
  2. Growth and increase in profit, due to improved productivity among staffs.
  3. Increase in staff satisfaction.
  4. Improved loyalty and morale among staffs.
  5. Cooperation and teamwork among staffs.

Final note

The importance of health screening in an organization cannot be overemphasized, obviously because harmful substances like lead, radiation, and other hazardous substance will be eradicated on time so that the health of staffs are not affected negatively.

One problem that is common to a lot of organization is that they make assessments for risks that are not critical while ignoring serious risks that could affect the staffs of an organization. Well, the best way to address this problem is for the important bodies of an organization to sit and take a careful assessment of all possible risk, instead of leaving the task to a selected few. If this is done there will hardly be any risk that will affect the health of staffs negatively.

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