Things to Consider Before Getting Perm Hair in Singapore for the First Time

Things to Consider Before Getting Perm Hair in Singapore for the First Time

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Do you look at people with perm hair and wish yours looked just as great as theirs? If you feel ready to take the step to perm your hair, before walking into a salon, there are a couple of things you need to have in mind to know if this is the appropriate time for you to get a perm.

The condition of your hair

If you are not sure if you have damaged hair or not, you could ask your stylist. When you choose to perm your hair, you are doing it because you want the curls to be well defined and looking as great as the people you’ve seen it on. You would be disappointed by the outcome if it does not look as great as you had anticipated, and this usually happens if your hair is too damaged. This, however, does not mean you will never have excellent perm hair. You simply need to rejuvenate your hair through treatments and great hair care. Before long, your hair will be ready for a perm.

Do you have highlighted or dyed hair?

If you recently highlighted or dyed your hair, especially if you did it in the past month, it is best to put off plans to perm your hair, at least for a few weeks. During the weeks you will be getting your hair ready for the chemicals, it is advisable to use hair conditioner regularly.

Visit a specialist

Are you tempted to walk into the store to get the DIY kit? This may not be a great idea, especially since this is your first time using chemicals on your hair. A specialist will guide you on the best products to use on your hair. Some chemicals are best for light hair while others are for those with thicker hair. Using the wrong product will either make your hair thinner or not work as well on your hair type. This might disappoint you and ruin your first experience with perm hair.

Decide the type of perm you would like

Before you walk into a salon to perm your hair, you need to understand the different types of perm. When you choose to perm your hair the first time, you will be choosing between digital and cold perm. Cold perm is the traditional method where your hair is soaked in an alkaline compound. It is then wound into smaller curls and ringlets using rollers.

The benefits of using the cold perm method include curls that are closer to the scalp, works on all hair types, is affordable, and your scalp is not exposed to less heat. The downside to the cold press method is the hair is less natural looking, particularly the first time. You also need to invest in plenty of products if you are to maintain your hair appropriately.

Before opting for the digital process, it is important to set aside enough time since this process takes a longer time, approximately three to four hours. Your hair’s length and thickness play a significant role in the time it takes. This method is popular because the curls are more natural looking than that of the cold perm, and the temperature of the rollers are controlled.

Find out what people have to say about the different products

Even if you are using a specialist, it is great to have an idea about the perm products in the market. Thanks to the internet, you can find out what other people have to say about the hair products they use. It is crucial to note that the different hair types respond in varying ways to the chemicals used. What worked for another may not work for you. However, if the feedback is mostly negative for a particular product, maybe you should try another.

Once you identify products that work for you, you will have an easier time with perm hair. The foundation you set when you perm your hair the first time is critical. If you perm hair that is already damaged, it will only become weaker. Besides the products you use, the stylist you choose also plays an important role. Getting someone who understands your hair and the best products to use will make you love your permed hair even more.

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