Tips and tricks to choosing just the right birthday cake

Choosing the right birthday cake can sometimes prove to be a tricky business! With the technological advancements, there are now more innovative cake themes and designs available, such as photo cakes and 3D cakes. Cake shops in Singapore offer custom cakes with the flavors of your choice and the themes too! All you need is to have a basic idea of how to go about buying such a cake.

Cakes are the centerpiece in most events, let it be a baby shower, wedding, or a birthday! Choosing the right flavor and type of cake does not have to be a tiresome business. Instead, it should be an exciting journey. With this article on tips for choosing the best flavor for your event by Sweet Cherry Bakery, you can get the most delicious cake ever!

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Flavor of Cake for Your Event

Add just a touch of flavor with filling.

After trying all those delectable cakes, you may decide you just truly prefer a traditional vanilla for your specialty cakes but still want that pop of flavor. Adding a flavorful filling is the easiest way to develop tasty combinations and create your custom cakes.

Frosting or buttercream, how about both?

Fondant is typically used to cover the outside of wedding and specialty cakes. Though it looks smooth and beautiful or shaped and delicate, most people do not like the actual taste. There is a way for you and your guests to enjoy the cake without the overpowering taste of fondant. Simply ask your bakery to put a layer of buttercream, or chosen frosting, between the cake and outer layer of fondant. That way the fondant shell can be easily left behind and the delicious cake enjoyed. Read more here.

Hope you have got a fair enough idea on how to choose the perfect cake for your event.

If you are planning a birthday bash and want to buy the perfect cake, you can take a look at some of the tips to choose just the right one.  If you are looking for a cake that you can customize and are available in many different flavours, you can check out It is a nice idea if the cake is in the favorite color of the birthday boy or girl. If the party has a theme, the cake can match the theme. For example, in case of a jungle theme, the cake can be an animal cake or even a jungle cake. Or if it is a sweet 16s party, the cake can be a Barbie princess or something similar.

If you want the cake to reflect the persona of the birthday boy or girl, then you can use their personal interests as a theme. For example, sports, books, movies, or cartoons. Of course, the work is not over yet. Get back to the basics and decide the flavor of the cake and the size you require it to be. This article on tips to buy the perfect cake by Marche Laflamme will help you.

How To Choose The Perfect Birthday Cake

Match the Party Theme

If the party has a theme, the birthday cake will dazzle if it fits in with the overall decor.  For your child’s safari-themed party, a cake decorated with lions, elephants and other safari animals is a perfect fit.  On the other hand, a cheese cake or cake shaped and decorated like a wine bottle are great options for your spouse’s wine and cheese birthday party.

Coordinate Colour

Picking the right colours for icing and decorations is essential to having a birthday cake that will please your guest of honour. A simple way to choose icing colours is to match them to your loved one’s favourite colours. Another option is to fit the colours into the party theme.  For example, if you are throwing a party based on your son or daughter’s favourite sports team, the colours on the birthday cake should match the team’s colours. Read more here.

Looks like the author has covered most of the important tips on buying the perfect cake in Singapore for your child’s birthday.

Those who are clueless or indifferent (Really?) about the different types and varieties of cakes available in the market need some good tips to buy a cake for any event. The varieties and the flavors change from bakery to bakery. While the quality is usually consistent with the popular cake shops, the designs and themes can wildly differ.

If you are looking for a great 3 or 5 tier cake or a huge 3D cake of your favorite movie character, it is advised you go to the top cake shops in Singapore. They will help you with the decisions as well as be reliable. And you know for a fact that it is going to drool-worthy! This article on tips to get the perfect cake by Bhanu will shed a little light.


5 Tips for choosing a Perfect Cake Every Time

Cakes for an occasion:

Birthdays! Of course! A birthday is not complete without a birthday cake! Once the perfect cake is picked out, it is time for those perfect candles. Lighting them and those few minutes of making a wish, blowing the candles and everyone singing a birthday song are just awesome (and now I’m counting the number of days to my birthday). So, back to the magical moments, candles, claps and songs and, ah well, the cake! A birthday cake must reflect something dear to the birthday person. Do you have a friend who is mad about pokemon and now, the latest fad, pokemon go? Well, better order a cake that looks like pikachu or a snorlax or a charmander or all three together! Trust me, it is worth it just to see them flip out and yell or do a happy dance.

Next up are weddings. Wedding cakes are all about the bridezillas. Whether they want a white fondant cake with a fondant lace veil and a bride and groom topper or a cake with mehendi designs, it has to be done. If the bride says she wants mango mousse, there has to be mango mousse and if the bride changes her mind, the cake has to change. So for wedding cakes, it is best to leave plenty of room and order the cake ahead. Sitting the baker and the bride down and discussing all the possibilities of the cake, the flavors and icing, the cake toppers and everything you can possibly think of. The effort put in finalizing the cake will all be worth it when the bride gets wowed by it. Read more here.

Well, now that each step has been laid out in detail for you, what are you waiting for? Get ready and go order that dream cake!

In conclusion, with the arrival of so many varieties of cakes in the market, you must choose wisely, depending on the occasion and the person of honor. Check out the flavors and the types of cakes, see if it is consistent with the theme of the party or event, and then go ahead. Most cake shops in Singapore offer customizations and would gladly help you design your cake.