Top Tips for Taking Amazing Graduation Pictures in Singapore

Taking great photos is no easy task. Even if you know a thing or two about photography, there is no assurance that all the photos you will take on your graduation day will turn out great. To improve the quality of the photos you take on your big day, you are going to need all the help you can get.  

This article was written to help students take better graduating photos with relative ease. Investing in a good camera is the single most important thing you can do to take better photos.

However, if you are on a budget and cannot afford a professional camera, then you should have an expert photographer capture the best moments of your big day. Find out more about the Graduate Photography and Photo Shoots offered at White Room Studio here.

This article by Michele Hamparian sheds light on some intricate things you need to know to take better graduation pictures.

10 Quick Tips for Better College graduation pictures

Graduating is one of life’s major milestones. And you should capture it with a series of enduring images. To help you mark this special occasion, we’ve put together a few tips on how to capture beautiful college graduation picturesA single image can capture a moment, but it can rarely tell a story. Capture the essence of the day by taking a series of college graduation photos. For example, start the story on the morning of the big day. A chronological narrative can help you and your family relive this auspicious occasion for many years to come. Read more here.

The above article has given you insights on how to tell a story with your graduation pictures, how to capture the best moments of the day, and take a few formal shots. To ensure that everything goes smoothly on your graduation day, prepare your outfits, graduation gown, and ensure your camera equipment are ready and in good condition before your big day.

The following article by Michael Carr unveils some things you need to keep in mind when taking graduation pictures.

Tips for Taking Great Graduation Pictures

Graduation is a special time in our lives, whether you’re graduating or a relative is graduating. Either way, it’s a huge milestone that you’ll want to remember. It can be disappointing when your graduation photos don’t turn out well because you’ll not be able to recreate this moment. Learning how to take graduation pictures properly is a must before the big day. Graduation is a rare opportunity to catch possibly a once-in-a-lifetime moment, just like the first day of school was. The following graduation photography tips can help your photos receive an A+ grade! Read more here.

The above article has definitely armed you with some timeless tips that will help you take better graduation pictures. The article also explains why you need to be prepared for all shooting conditions, positioning yourself well, preparing the type of pictures you want to shoot, and most importantly, have fun.

The following article by Shutterfly is basically a compilation of some cool graduation pictures that will inspire and spur you to take better ones.

75 Creative graduation picture Ideas

All the cramming for exams, late nights studying and early mornings running to get to class on time has finally paid off. Graduation day is the culmination of a dream that deserves to be captured in a perfect picture that lets everyone share in your accomplishment. It can be difficult to distinguish yourself from the other grads with a unique photo. But, not to worry, we collected 75 graduation photo ideas to help educate you on how to take the standard look and make it your own. Read more here.  

The above article is a must-read for anyone clueless about taking graduation pictures. Taking a close look at the various pictures in the article will spur you to take even better ones. If you can’t come up with your own pose, then copy any of the amazing poses in the article and make it your own.


Graduating is a major milestone in life and should be taken seriously. Taking a picture is one of the best ways to capture your big day. But as you probably know, taking great photos is no easy task. To ensure that your graduating photos are great, you need to apply the tips discussed in this article.

Learn about how a standard graduation picture looks like as you go through the gallery of photos taken by other students in the past. You will be glad you did on your graduation day, as you will be armed with several poses.