Baby wrapped in a blanket comfortably

What Do You Need To Know About Baby Dry Skin?

Baby wrapped in a blanket comfortably

Why Is Your Baby’s Skin So Important?

When a baby is born, apart from other things, the baby’s skin is pretty delicate and sensitive. Parents, mainly first time, are very conscious about the well-being of a child, but sometimes they also face certain issues with the baby which they find themselves clueless at. The issue of dry baby skin is also one of the key issues parents face frequently. The issue with the baby’s skin is somewhat linked with the change in the season and environment, but sometimes it is more about other factors. 

The article tends to help all parents to know about the factors leading to dry baby skin and what steps can be taken to ease the pain of the baby and parents. 

What Causes Dryness On The Baby’s Skin?

When a baby is born past the due date, the baby’s skin tends to peel off. This phenomenon is normal. Sometimes the skin of the baby remains dry even after that. 

When the baby is washed or given a bath, it should be done with mild soap, preferably with baby soaps. Washing the skin of the baby with ordinary soap dries the child’s skin, and it could lead to rashes on the skin as well. 

The second reason could be the change in the environment or season. Sometimes hot or cold season causes the baby’s skin to dry because it roughs the skin’s texture. 

The third factor could be genetic. If the skin of either parent is dry, then the baby could adopt that as well. Apart from that, some diseases like eczema or other genetic issues can also make the skin rough and dry. 

Baby Dry Skin – Symptoms To Look For:

You might look for typical signs of dryness on a baby’s skin; there must be some other signs to look for apart from these obvious signs. Some vital signs are:

  • Frequent redness or itching on the skin. The same sign could also be due to eczema. But for that matter, you need to see scars on the legs, knee, elbows, and face of the baby
  • You need to see for itching on the legs, face, and arms of the baby
  • The emergence of cracks sometimes leads to bleeding. In extreme cases, the case could also become infectious if not taken care of
  • There could be cradle caps

Safeguarding The Dry Baby Skin At Home:

You can take some steps at home to cure or prevent the dryness from emerging. Some essential tips are:

  • Always use mild to soft detergents to wash the clothing of a child. Avoid using any hard powder or soap for the said purpose.
  • It would be best if you kept the bath time short. Too much exposure to the water can also cause the baby skin to become dry
  • It is better to give short bathing to your child. Use baby soap or baby wash for the said purpose
  • For baby bath, make sure to use the lukewarm water
  • Use soft, cotton cloth or towel to pat dry the skin of the baby after wash. 
  • Use a baby-safe moisturiser for baby to hydrate their skin


The article highlights some essential information on the baby’s dry skin, which every parent should know. You can either prevent the baby’s skin from getting drier or reduce the issue if already prevalent. Check and decide how to handle the issue with care.